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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

xiaovass: 有时候,遗忘,是最好的解脱;有时候,沉默,是最好的诉说

SUPSUP ! Cutted my fring short, like xiao mei mei only right ! Arrg~ nbm wait it growth longer ju nice le!(i hope so~) Shall update my blog today since it look so die:x Hey not i dont want to update k ! is i have nth to post about :x Ok~ shall skip those crappy stuffs and bock to todays podt (: When down to Btss near by de old folk center to help out in Wushu CIP. I miss them ttm can ! Be a photo women for them today and snapped alot pic :D Shall let pic to all the talking. Enjoy~ ^^

Solo music and malay dance from the start. i love the malay dance! hahah~

Out dear Kaixiong singing~ Cool bro ! i don't have the guts to do that :b

Up next with wushu perform !

Follow up by 'do together' taiji HAHA! the aunty in purple and red top is funny to the max ! she say this like doing disco dance. laugh~~

Milo and cake serve from BTSS. (:

Group picture who those taken part in this CIP!

Ended with BTSS wushu club photo !

Alright ! im done. BYE ! :D


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