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Friday, 28 October 2011

xiaovass: The longer i'm away from you, I realize i wasn't in love with you, I was in love with the thought of loving you.

Have been working 8days non stop~ tired ttm i could say but i bet my this mth pay will be high! Hahaha~ I want go shopping ! This mth i dint have the chances and cash to shop so shall shop till drop next mth! But before i could do that i need return money to friends first. Cries~ i own ppl money liao T^T Ok fine~ anyway, tody i off ! So~ later going enjoy my night with Teresa sis for Halloween hunter hse ! ^^ ok shall end now, i know ts short but at least its srh right!? hehehs. byes !

Miki: have a nice ahead
Miki: TAG!
xiaovasss: Tks lovie!

Miki: HEY I changed url again, sorrryyy " but please relink again, thanks ya ♥
xiaovassSure no pro (:

Pig♥: I miss you... Alot...
xiaovass: I know who are you (:

w.k: tagged (: u make me wanna try the milk tea too
xiaovass: You should ! Its nice !

Miki: You're tagged, honey http://pinkmonchichi.blogspot.com/2011/10/fun.html (:
xiaovass: Re-linked! ;D

w.k: haha fun day siol bo jio =(
xiaovass: Wushu de leh ! hahah~


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