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Saturday, 15 December 2012

18th birthday on 12/12/12

Happy Birthday to me ! im finally 18th after such a long wait ! Yepppy xDD And it fall on such a special date, 12/12/12

Spend my first half bithday at John's hse during shoot with vanny. Thanks for the lovely cake by Tricia and John. And yes~ im dress up in a kimono with white furry cat ears.

 Dinner at Vivo with cling on that very same day.

Dinner at Kim gary it's cheap yet deliciours- Order Milk tea, Borsch soup..my favourite and salmon w abalone bake rice as my main dish. Ok i feel like having it now damn !

 Power House for the night, at last i dont have borrow Ic from friends, now i can step in club with winds ! Ah~ too kua zhang. Thanks for all who came down. Im lazy to type all names out but im touch for those who make it and those having work next dacve still give enough faces to come. I love all of you all !

 Totally forgot to take group pictures. But here's with my beloved 9yrs sister -Teresa (L)

The love of my life, Darren chang (ps i look real red, Im a lousy drinker)

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