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Monday, 10 December 2012

Tick Tock

Can you believe it ? After tonight left 1 freaking day to my Birthday ! My sweet & sexy 18th (:

 Pizza hut for lunch while meeting dear on Friday, last day of his school and here come his holiday.

 A big feast with his parent and granny to celebrated dear dad's bday. FOOD !!! (v)

A simple cake (:

Time don't stay, so does people. So becareful of who you open up to. Some are just curious.

 Had this at Xing wang cafe with dear and fuxiang while waiting for Johnson to reach on Sunday.

 My early birthday present by Johnson bestie !

 Some time some people are not meant to be together but only friends. I'm glad we are what we are now (: Bestie (L)

 Hello kitty ! My fav ^^

Thanks my dear bestie.

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