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Thursday, 20 December 2012

All-queens_ Sponsored advertorial

When you ask what a guy like about girl. First thing they say is always (Big eyes) Wanna have big and shiny eyes ladies ? Introducing............. All-queens.blogspot

Safe, Friendly, Helpful what's more can you ask from a blogshop !

Click the links to the pages.
Instock Lens

Domi-Eye Lens (Diamond 3 Tone here)

Fynale Lens

Prodigurls (Fynale)

Luxury Babe

Ifairy lens

Kimchi lens

Super Barbie lens

Thedollyeye lens

Now let me show you what i got sponsored (: As picture shown-
luxury 17 pink puffy series.

In real eyes, sorry for my tired eyes and eye bag, just look at the lens will do. I love it to be light and natural. Its so soft and cosy and after awhile i forgotten i'm wearing lens !

Next presenting- Diamond 3 tone brown.

Im so in love with this pair ! Shine like a diamond

Hurry up and grab you Lens from HERE Before the date close at 17th Jan 2013 (: 


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