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Sunday, 11 December 2011

xiaovass: I'll never be your 1st kiss, your 1st love, your 1st valentine, or your 1st fight..I just want to be your last. ♥

Hello people ! 1h more will be 12Dec and its my birthday ! hehe... Well, not really good luck cos im having stomach cramp ! ): cries~ Stall use pic tells story!

Pizza hut for lunch, my cute boy (:

Boyf got this flowers and bear for me randomly. HAHA~ cute ttm ! :D

Pic with boyf (:

Meet boyf vros and off to Town had dinner and walked around. Meet up with Teresa sis! i miss die her you mei you ! ^^

See how tall she is ! Neh~ she worn heels not like me , i worn flats! :b

After meeting boyf friends when down to boat quay with sis to have a farwell drinking season with then. Sis bf going Ns this coming tues ! haha.. Boyf ORD in 3 mth. LAUGH~

Ps my face look damn read :o

The sweet couple (:

end my post with my best babe :D

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