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Sunday, 18 December 2011

xiaovass: 这是我的爱,收下吧。这是我的心,别打碎了。这是我的手,握好了。我们一起,永远永远。

Back to posting. Omg~ X'mas is next next week ! Can't wait ^^ Yet how i wish singapore can snow, hmmmm.... Don't i look great ? All white and pure (: love max! hahaha... Anyway, when out to tm meet my dearest :D havent see him like 3 days? miss die him ! When for movie and dinner lastly homed ! Kinda sleepy now, cause woke up 10plus in the morning to have breakfast cum lunch with parent. Its like mths since i last when eating with them :o And dad bought me strawberries ! (Y)

Saw this group of children singing x'mas songs. Cute ttm (:

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