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Thursday, 15 December 2011

xiaovass: It's nice to have someone in your life who can make you smile even when they're not around :)

A great big Thankyou to those had wished me happy birthday through facebook, twitter and textes ! :D And not forgetting to those who got me presents, boyf, celina, teresa, augustine, johnson with much love guys ! ^^ Im so looking forwards to next yea birthday ! It will be my 18th birthday that falls on 12 Dec 2012 = 12/12/12 ! Like cool or what ? hahaha....
When Kpox with celina,huiluan and germain on my bday, (: its girls world! sing sang, song till 4plus wen to to town to grap our dinner and off to Tm for movie. Boyf came after he ends work and got me flowers and present. How sweet of him ! (L) Till 3 plus boyf leave my hse and im off to bed with smiles (:

Pictures tooken on that day! Enjoys~

What boyf got for my presents (: Love die him ! (The lettle he type is abit wrong, can you spot it ?)

Hl is too into her singing world :b

Snap snap (:

Yst 14Dec when out with boyf to bugis, shop and grap snap to bite along the way :D Till 5plus his bro came contiune shop :x

Zilian abit before heading out to meet boyf :b

Check out this 2 cutie ! How cute can it be !? OMG~

Cam with boyf, he's such a sweetie :D

Solo pic of boyf and me (wink~*)

Alright~ im done ! :D BYES~

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