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Friday, 2 September 2011

xiaovass say: My smile, my tears, my laugh, my pain. You're the reason behind all of them.

Happy First Month Anniversary !
Hey dear, i love you so much ! :D
Sorry im late to post out :x Anyway JiaYou for your exam as well!

Happy Teacher's Day for all !
Really piss off by today outside Btss ! -'- When back to Btss today, early woke up at 9plus and reach there at 10plus with Sky and Zhaojie. But was told to go in only at 1130, So go mac slack abit then back to school. But ended up we cant go in due to colourd hair ! Like what the fuck can ! Chai Chee sec de peopl can go in with colourd hair and slipper but Bts de students are not allow to ! Stand under the hot sun for nearly 2h still kan polica come scree us. Like what the hell only lor ! Super upset and angry by the school! But lucky miss Hao came out and least we could took some pictures with her and the wushu mates. Miss them so much ! Check out the pictures below ! (pointing downward~*)

Meet up with Sky first, Cam ofcos ! ;D

Misss hao, my fav teacher :)

Group pics! All wushu team-mates ! Miss them so much! ;D

After around 1plus off to Mac for lunch then to Bugis with, Zhaojie, Sinyi and Guanhui. Meet boyfriend at Bugis too! Saw Kaixing and bump into xiaowei, wanghong, ahqin, michelle and kunqin @ Iluma ! Cam with Ahqin and Michelle too!

My two sweet girls !

After leaving them we when hunting for Zhaojie things then Bus to hse nearby for dinner, up to myhse to wait for Celina and ken to reach. Slack till 1.30am with celina and ken to im home! A last a real proper post ^^ Hope you guys enjoy, Goodnight! ;D

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xiaovass: XieXie !

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xiaovass: Thankyou sweetie ! ;D

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