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Monday, 12 September 2011

xiaovass: I doesn't want to be the only girl in your life...I just wants to be the only one that matters.

My blog is so DEAD~ Shall update a few lines of words to keep it alive :/ As in HELLO EARTHINGs! How's your day doing ?! Nowadays im soooo busy with my working time ): But lucky things is my work is more and more slacking ;D And not to say i do enjoy my job more and more ! Meet new friends and joke around the shop was way better then rotting at home ! Somemore i got pay in work not at home :x HA! But for this month im only counted at part time and the pay, trust me suck ttm :c 5buck per hr ! But full time is $1400 per mth. If you go count you will see that full time got extra 0.8buck. HAHA!

Meeting my dear Teresa sis for luch just now and in the noon i got call from Augustine'mongo bro !!! Omg~ He called and say he and some classmate missed me! How touching, meet up soon yea! :DD Alright, I shall stop here (: Byes !


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