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Saturday, 24 September 2011

xiaovass says: I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each day

Back to posting yea ! HELLO earthings :D Yeayeayea~ I havent sleep , its going 4am soon! and me.... abit sleepy ler, shall blog hao ju go sleep le bar :D Alright shall let my story start... Sweet enough for Elson, huiluan and wenkai to come find me at 21th (: Meet them for lunch then to under blk chaichat, elson was like in Kbox! keep singing :x Up to my hse with them at 7plus for dinner >> Bathe >> bus to elson'hse. And her baby cousin was damn cute ttm ! (L) Chat and watch show >> Leave at 10plus >> Chicken wings with wenkai at near by coffee shop >>home (:

Stay at home the whole day at 22th! TIll 12plus midnight meet Celina under my blk, and the funny part is we saw a Bangala doing 'handjob' his own in the public sia!!! Like sick only lar-'- Celina was like 'omg! i saw ..... faster walk! faster walk!!' Then we ran... :x HAHAHAH! And trust me, she cant stop talking about it till today! (faint~*) Waited for Ken and kelvin down.... Till 3plus they when home >> home myself used computer for shows>> sleep (:

Today slept till 2plus was bening shout by mum so loudly that i got bo choose have to 'crawl' out bed T^T. When to bathe and com! Preparing outing at the time of 5 and out at 6. Meet weiwei in AMK hub at 640 end up we both oso late. Haha~ Bought ticket and off to out dinner. I just got the feeling of being cheat, hor weiwei ?? After dinner shop around and off to movie at 945 ! Caught 'Fright Night' Rated 3/5 To me is hai hao only :x But not bad le lar, let out weida de weiwei pei me watch horror movie :D After show>> Cab down to Zirong hse meet celina they all>>homed. Alright! im done now, Sleeping soon le. Goodnight ♥

Thanks weiwei for this lovly earplug (: HELLO KITTY somemore ley! (L)

Got myself a new sunglasser (: very much in love with this once i saw it! Pretty mar ? (wink~*)

Cam with my new glasser ((:

Cynthia Luvs: Hey dear, take good care of your body, don't be foolish yeah ^^
xiaovass: Tks babe! :D

XiaoAikiko: I'm here to taggggggggg~
xiaovass: xiexie !

Elson: uu link my name also wrong lo..nn link s elson thks:)
xiaovass: Ok lar ! haiyo~ :x

Elson: linked uu le horx:) nn im here to tagged:)
xiaoavass: Yep! Alrigh!

Miki: Teehees~~ love, tagged!!!
xiaovass: Tks sweetie! (L)

Miki: Heeeyyy (: Dun be sad lah, I know there's so much things happen, just take a deep breath and look up to the sky and say "Everything's gonna be alright!"
xiaovass: Thankyou ! ^^v

w.k: =) tagged view
xiaovass: Xiexie !

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