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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I want to marry you and have our own little babies :)

Back to blogging! Last few post are more Pictures than words :b Have been outing with Teresa'sis and boyfriend almost everyday (: I really enjoy my life now not like pass~~~ Anyway Will be starting my new joy this sunday, hope everything will be fine ! Jiayous~ And ofcause jiayou for my dear boy. He's having his last exam this friday! Hey dear! don't stress up la! Relex and everything will be fine (: Ai de gu li ! MUACK !

This few days im so into Thai song ! Suddenly i feel thai song oso not bad leh, haha! Found some nice one on youtube, you guys can tell me isit nice anot k! Do enjoy! (All from 'four mod')


Ok, i shall end here, Bye !

w.k: tagged =) jys ar !
xiaovass: Tks tagging !

w.k: tagged =) dont be lazy luh=/
xiaovass: Im not! :x

w.k: tagged =D jys revive your blog ar!
xiaovass: No much reader liao T^T

Miki: This is cute (: hehehe, your bf is so cute leeh ^^
xiaovass: Thankyou cutie ;D ! hahahs....

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