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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


After not posting for so many days or weeks :x Im back to bloging (: . This few days happend so many things that i just feel like running away from this world. Boken up with boyfriend and im back to single life now. Was send to Changi Hsp on sunday night due to overdose med and wrist cutting. Going post out the whole process and after today i will keep in mind that im going to live in a better life then now. Kk....I know i was too foolish to do that but..... Ok whatever..

Back to topic, parent and Wenkai send me to hsp at the night of 10plus(i guess) A&E to clean and dress my hand before when to stomach cleaning(idk how say lar!) As long as they instored a tube through the nose then all the way in the stomach to stuck out all the med inside. I swear the process was F*CK hurt ttm-'- Vomited and my tears was like flooding not stop. After that was send to wards to rest. For the pass 2 days over 6-7times of blood was redrawed(more then 20tube of bloods) countless check up and 7pack of glucose insart and not forgetting those yucky med. And i swear i will never forgot this days. Never. Blueblacks was all over my arms and hand cause for the blood redraw and Mingteck said the doctors sure fail as there should't be blueblacks while sucking the blood out unless its done wrongly-.-!

(pointing down!~) Can i like sue them !? They keep redraw the blood form me like free one sia!!! And the worst parts is before discharge they do one last time blood test. So they redraw 2 tube for blood from me again and sent to lab. But the used me a mouse to test their new banned.. Fail to stuck out the blood and the needle was stuck in my veins! Hurt ttm can! Even the 2 doctor anxious at there keep shout 'i cant find the vein! it just sink down, HOW!?' Omg la~ you're doctor leh!(faint~) At last they stuck 2 tube like finnally. But 10mins later another doctor say they kinda like lost one tube of my blood need redraw again. Then 30 min later say still cant find so the prepaing to redrwa that time 1 doctor came in running say they fond liao. I was like WTF !? can you just treat my blood in a proper care!? Pain ley! (cries~)

Ouch Ouch Ouch ~!! Anyway i would like to Thanks very much to Wenkai for being there through out the days and even night!.. And not forgetting those who came down to visited me ; Huiluan, teresa, ming teck and Lien ;D And last but not least though who spam text/call and cares about me de lovly friends. Celina, Sky, Weiwei, Felicia, Jonathan, Nicholas, Kirbyzxc ect.... :) And my that sweet Teresa was so cute enough to bought a lovly flower down along with Sushis and chocolates! Love you ttm la ♥♥♥ !

Dischaged after 2 days, was like FREE! Super sick of not allow to move about and laying in that bed for hours ): When to Tm after got home, change and out HAHA! Oso tks to wenkai, huiluan, mingteck and lien pei me discharge too ! Had KFC for lunch(i eat beehoon in hsp yet still kana force to eat kfc! :x) And to Ming teck hse chill while waiting for Wenkai to reach.. play with his 5 cute baby hamster ! Off to Cs catch 'Johnny English Reborn' rated 5/5! MUST WATCH ! I never laugh so much through out the whole movie!! HAHA! After movie meet Teresa chill about and home! Alright im done with my super long post! And after today i will never look back to the pass and im going to live happy and enjoynable cause i know those who cares about me will be hurt if i continue like this. :)

My 2 lovlys (L)

Hey boy!
Amitting i still love you even up to now, i never ever think of hateing you. Don't ask me why cause i don't even know the answer myself. I always told you that you're a very special guy to me and i think that's the reason why i love you so much. Since you choose to let go i got nothing to say too, Take care yourself more and rest well too alright? Im sorry for not being a caring enough girlfriend and always let you come down find me when you're tired. I will always be here waiting. Or i should i say somewhere .... (: and lastly


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