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Sunday, 7 August 2011

xiaovass says: 10 years down the road and you're still my beloved sister :D

Hello EARTHTHINGS! xiaovass is here to update my blog (: I hope you'll dunt find my new blog bored, i tent to lost alot of readers in a year and that's a very sad things to say T^T Anyway, Meet my dear Teresa'sis for the pass 2 day. Had really alot of fun and shopping trips with ler ;D Tks sis! For a great sister and listening ear's ;D And oso to my dear Celina'qinaide! Tks for staying by myside and walk the hardest road with me . Love you very the much !

Will be looking for new jobs next mth or sooner, im broke! sob~ But im lazy to work. HAHAH! mum said right, when you stop working for awhile you tent get lazy and stop works. I think im like that. Hees~ Boyf is busy with school and cca stuffs, So he's getting lesser and lesser time to pei wo. Somemore his exam start next week and it last up to 3 weeks ! (faint~) How i will i could turn him into teddy bear and hug him to sleep everynight ! haha! He sure going to faint when he saw that :'x And to my dear boy: Dunt stress yourself too hard hor ! i know you head very big but not everything can kept in de k !? :b hahas... Jiayou for you exam and if you did very well i shall treat you go eat ok ? hahahs... muack! (blush*) ;D

Ok, i think my post is long enough liao.. shall off to facebook and watch my show ! TATA~ and do leave a tag before leaving ! Xiexie C;

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