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Thursday, 4 August 2011

xiaovass says: I dun't need a strong or handsome or a rich boyfriend. I only need a a guy that could love for who i'm and trust with all his hearts towards me. That will be enough ♥

Hi people ! havent been updating blog like mths!? Previous keep working and want earn money for boyf, now? dun't need ler... Everyone must to shock that im back to single and keep asking this and that and why. Pls im lazy to explain :x And i dun't wish to talk about it anymore, so pls give a little respect for me. Thankyou (:

Anyway ! im jobless now ! soooo... jio me out as you can! will be finding new jobs next mth, shall keep a little time for myself and my love After those days of unhappness i gain to lose weight-.-! faint* Sooner or later i will left with skin and bones ._.! Ok, i lazy to post any longer, shall go watch my show now. tata! Do leave a tag before leaveing ! BYES!

Celina bought for her boyf, like so cute can !!! hahahas... last long you 2!

Cute right!? :P

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