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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


I'm back on blogging peopleeeeeee !!! Okay~  i know i promise i will keep this blog alive and its been more than half a month since i last post. My lousy desktop die on my 5 months back and now i'm having lappy ! And that mean~~~~~ I'm able to blog often ! Great news ! Yea ? Neh ? I wonder if there's even people reading ! But if you're in my blog reading this right now, I love you (L) Flying kisses*

Had group bikini shoot 2 weeks back, a great day to catch up with Lulu And Jess. It's been monthssss of our last meet up ! And so is our dear organizer Mr Stevie (clap clap*)

Asian Photography Event with 120 photographer all around Asian is joined in this event. It was fun except for rolling in the sea and sand with Lulu. She's still on crazy side hahaha !

Had a relax lingerie shoot with Baka Gomi last week. Loving every bits.

Dear all photographer, do support me and Lulu on this Saturday bikini's Shoots ! See you all on Sat (L)

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