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Friday, 13 September 2013

Now and forever

This space is full of spider webs and dust by now. Sorry for not keeping this blog alive, i'm busy with work and sleep LOL. Short update for today. Life been really nice to me recently please keep it this way thank you. 

Shoot'ss up on my facebook. I never fail to love black and white photos.

I will be having 2 more shoots on the following week so do stay tune for more photos. For shoots contact me at (vass-thy@hotmail.com) for rates and themes

Simple mint pull over from Forever 21 for a windy day.

Date with dear, sushi express and shopping trips ! Kinda over spend (cries)

Got myself Vs wallet and bag of bombshall body lotion, body wash and body mist. I'm a crazy lover of Vs bombshall (L)

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