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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hair show and random

I'm dying to get rest !! But before bed i shall update my blog before i leave it to rot again.

Chopped off half of my hair during ELG hair show. 

Saw Jessica during the casting and both of us got it. More than half a yr we last met on our first event tgh !

THe make over time for my hair. I got caramel and blond highlight (L)

Just take as you dint see my chubby face. Been gaining weight. Time to chill with the food. Oh god~

A group photo before ending the show. 

Meet up with my boy and sky today. Been awhile i see sky, he's still skinny as hell LOL !

Had hot Tomato as dinner before i start running around and im glad i din't buy any clothes ! Got myself 2 arm candy and a ring (oh well~ at least it's less than 30$. Target settle ! ) Hop to Sushi shop cos i can't get enough of foodddddddd (cantrol~~~~~)

 My artistic shot of plant (LOL)

A big face of mine to end this post. Byeeeeeeeeeeee (L)

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