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Friday, 8 February 2013

Vain girl

 Random post before Cny starting tml, it's going to be full of my face. DON'T CLOSE ! Shall not post till i finish all my bian nian places so you all will have to miss me for at least 4 days haha. Tutu face cause boyfriend pinch my cheek before this shot Bully~ )':

Got this gorgeous heels at (New look) bought at the price of $31.95 after 50% discount. This pretty one caught my eyes when i step in the shoe section ! Mad love with it. Any heel into my collection (:

  Ok shall back to me and me and me ! Have been stuck with headache this 2 days. Please don't be sick on cny~ i want enjoy those cookies and happily collecting ang baos.

A kiss to those who read my blog wish you all a early Happy chinese new year, money and more money to come and do drink tons of water after all those snacks alright.

Will try my best and snap some photos during new year and stay tune to my blog ya (:

Lastly, PEACE 

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