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Thursday, 14 February 2013

New year rush part l

Part 1

This year new year was not as good as the past. Many people complains that this year was boring. But why do we think that way ?

Pink dress for first day of new year. Head over to boyf hse to bai nian first before bringing him over to my hse. I'm such a good girlfriend. Ha~ Bring my dear to my granny hse as he ask my dad to do so, its a long time since i last seen her, i love her !

Head over to Johnson's hse for steamboat.

Crazy people in da hse ! But the are cute and funny. I love people who can joke and know when to stop. They are the one.

There you have the boys.

And the gays~ (jokes)

MY handsome boy in his hot orange tee (L)

Lastly a group shot before we leave, don't find for me cause im not in !

2nd day for new year, at last i can wear my heels but its make me regret at night. Continue reading ~

5 place my parent brought me to. Boyf hop in during the place (grandma hse)

My cute little young cousin, i have no idea where another picture run to ): 

Steamboat at grandma hse. Stupid boyf ate before he come meet me i have eat all myself T.T

Here's my another cousin. They look so much alike ! And this cute one still remember my name after we last seen last year aww~

After grandma and 2 other aunties hse off we head to kenji hse.

As usual, kenji's dad is the best and funniest father i ever know from all my friends.

My first time year with my boy (last year he's in NS) I love you darling !

Stay tune for my 2 nd part of new year post. Byes~

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