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Thursday, 21 February 2013


Hello all my dear readers, Today post will not be any other then my clothes !! After packing yesterday night then i relies i bought too much unwanted items. Some are either only worn once/twice. Some are too big or small and worst is some i buy for fun -.-! Really have to control myself but when i remember i had clear my closet , that mean new clothes coming in !!! OMG~ (hold on, i just said i have to control. ah~ fml) Ok get back to the topic. Top at $6 each yet 2 for $10 Most shorts and dresses are only $10. Hurry and grap your's cause it's first come first serve.

 Top- $6 each.

 Short - $10 each

 Dress -$10 each

 Plain tank and pearl white skirt come in black too! (safety short under) 2 for $10 All 3 @ $15
 1 for $6 Two for 10
 I love this but it's too short for me T.T Got it at $25 Letting go @ $15

 Letting go @ $15
 $25 Penning
 Letting go @ $15 (super sexy)

Pm me on Fb- http://www.facebook.com/vassthy.lveromee
or email me @ vass-thy@hotmail.com

Enjoy shopping ! (L)

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