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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Vassthy: I may not be your first love, first kiss, first sight, or first date but I just want to be your last.

Im god damn tired !! Ok that's a different starting for the post, laugh! Well well well, im so lazy to post blog after so many years of blogging and best is im lazy to reply tags too! As you can see i removed my tagbox, so~ Anything you wanna know or ask just post on my facebook or at here ! http://www.formspring.me/vassthy A early thankyou before hand (: Shall get back to topic. Scoll down ! :DD

Went to Singapore flyer on 2Mar with boyf , huishan and kenji. First time sit flyer, was not really amazed maybe is due to seen Singapore too many time le. hahah! But we sure do have tons for cam and laugher inside ^^ After 40mins of ride we when to get our dinner and window shopping ! Through out the night we laugh like mad xD When home at around 11plus ! (:

With my cute boyf ♥.♥

Check out the view ! Sadly that the water is not clear blue )':

Went out with 'Wakaka group' With Calver and 6 others mate, sadly i could say i only know calver and the owner-.-! Jitao bored max can )': But lucky calver is there to entertain me the whole day! Lucky uh~ hahaha. Meet this bestie at 2plus under my blk, was raining super big! Bus to Far east plaza had our lunch and shops. Meet the rest group members 5plus at Plaza sing. Watch 'The devil inside' With them sadly was real disappointed with the ending )': Not really scary at all to be frank but bestie got stun and scared tons of time and i just cant stop laughing at him !! Havd our dinner and they when to play pool, ended up is me and calvin friend at there drinking-.-! Left at 10plus. Ok, the end :D

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