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Monday, 19 March 2012

Vassthy: i wish to be someone special in your eyes.

Back to post... shall start it with 2 pictures with Christina ! Such a cute babe hahah! Super over due picturns and i dont even remember when was it taken just kmow that was meeting up with her and other to eat at west side. Hmmm~

Anyway ! Was working on the past Fri and Sat and all i could say is worst job ever. -.-! Expo was having baby fair and we are heird to Pomot our 'learningTect' and sell the tickets to the parent for ice-cream workshop for kids above 3-8. Sound easy? Yea i though so too! But end up i sold 2 ticket in 2 days and worst of all we are not allow to get our basic pay unless we hit 15 ticket per shift !(11-4 & 4-9) Like what the hell? that show if we sold 0$ = we earn nothing and we work for them free !! wtf~ Lucky after all of us talk them out and get out basic pay. But they fire all of us. LOL!

Went out with denson Yst to Town was suppose meet up with celina too but she tired so pass on. Went to have of lunch, TOM YAM ^^v Shop around pei denson go H & M and lastly to Cine shop. That small kid still pull me to TimeZone play his game. LOL! (left pic^) Kinda get bored and cam myself hahah~ (Right pic) And thanks this nice boy for getting me the cute ring! Its fury somemore ! love it ttm

Reacher home at 10plus and play with my Cam haha! Havent been toouching it for like mths (?) and lucky it still work perfectly (wink~) OK im done here ! Lots of typying yea. Byes ! :DD


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