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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

vassthy: I don't want want to be just your girlfriend, I want to be that one and only special girl in your life ❤

BOOM ! im back (: Yawns~ raining weather really makes me sleepy, and i don't even wanna go out ! laugh~ then i shall be a good girl stay at home today and also i can eat my mom home cooked dinner ! She have been back from her 1 week Taiwan trip. Bought back tons of small snacks and know what ? I JUST CANT STOP EATING !!! laugh~ ok, cut that out and geez! i need to put on some weight ! )': Too skinny is not a good thing either, all my pants is getter lose! Tsk~

Anyway! Back to topic, Went to IT fair with Teresa and bump till Augustine and the others ! Ahahaha! Snap with mango'bro (wink~*) And Dinner with group follow by meet calver and his friend for supper (:

Skip A few days due to i forgotten alot :x Went over to Club Soul with celina, ken and his friend on last Sat, till 2plus Went over to club Aura to find Andrew ! Boyf was all the way at Ph, jealous ttm can )': Sadly i cant get it. RAWR~ Home at 7 plus, sleepppppp !!!

Had a long H2H chat with Celina yst night and found out we human really are very funny. Those who love us so deeply and treated us so good we always don;t even bother to take a second look at them and worst is we would never fall in love with them. Yet those who we love so hardly treated us like shit and we still can love them with broken hearts. Life's never be fair and we really have to learn this fact hard.Always fall for the wrong person and hurt ourself badly, its not worth yet we cant control. Over and over agin we did the same old things. Tsk~ (relationship) This 'thing' have match many couples and also torn them apart. Just like a bunch of balloons, each and every one of them is special, just hold on to them and not let go,it'll go by its own, hang in there.

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