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Monday, 20 February 2012

Vassthy: I wanna be the girl who makes your bad days better the one that makes you say, "my life has changed since I met her"

PEEKEBOOO ! Yo everyone, sup im back post xD kk, im lame -.-! Have been running to toilet number of time since 3 days back. Shag max... Heading to school tml as i havent been in for for nearly 1 whole week :x laugh~ Kk~ don't talk about school le. i will turn sleepy ! )':

Anyway, meet Johan yst, havent seen him for nearly over half a yr, he growth alot fatter ! hahaha.... and also along with Johnson (: Cam 2 pic solo with them (pointing down~*)

With johan

With johnson

Meet up with Fuxiang in train to Vivo to meet Yiijie and Christina for dinner. Boyf came along (happy like mad :x) Send him off to work at 7.20. And head down to City hall for our dinner. Cam with christina to ! :D

With babeeeee :D

And this johnson for the cute snowman micky mouse with the letter :D Thankyou !

你知道不知道,思念一個人的滋味, 手機總是拿在手裡, 一遍又一遍地撥著那幾個數字, 卻永遠沒有勇氣撥出去, 是當電話響起時,會心慌意亂, 看見來電顯示時,卻是沉沉地失落; 你知道不知道,思念一個人的滋味, 總是呆坐在電腦前,對著屏幕發呆, 腦海裡卻時刻想著你。

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