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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

HELLO ! I'm bored )': Ok~ seem im sooooooo free, shall update my blog . And today topic will be ME :D yea~ me, to see this 2 years, what i had change (: So after reading my post do drop any question at http://www.formspring.me/vassthy alright ? So! lets take a peek~ the change over :x

2010' Start of the year, yea~ i had BANGS! And dame i look like i xmm -.-! Cut bangs due to wushu compertition, they say bang no need pin up fring yet i go there they still ask me to pin up. walao! cheat my feeling )':

Follow by when my bangs growth longer, yet i still look like xmm. gosh! faint~!

2011' Im down with golden hair ! and tons of people said i look like taiwaness yet got people say like ahlian T.T. Laugh~

And nearly the end of 2011 i had my hair dye reddish brown ! Was piss off at the first place cause i asked for Maroon red ! But ended up with this, oh well, i kinda like it later on (: And more people say i suit this colour more then my golden hair ! So do you agreed ? (wink~*)

And this is my current look at 2012 ! :DD Black hair due to i return school ;o. Sooooo~ have i changed alot? I think i did . hahaha~

Ok~ im done here. Drop me question at my formspring yea (?) Good night ! ^.^

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