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Monday, 20 January 2014

Zoo Trip

Zoo trip with dear on 23rd Dec 2013 when i keep pester him that it have been ages since i last went and to my surprise this caveman never been to zoo. Funny or what ! 

I'm so glad that the weather turn out to be really nice and cooling instead of raining when we got there.

Now~ lets move to the animals photo shoot (xD)

Polar bear was one of my favorite during the trip. Manage to be in time for the feeding show.

 Now you know what i meant ? Because of the protecting glass the bear looks like he's performing magic trick ! Head and body totally out of place !!

Remind you of lion king ? It seem so lonely.

 This is my Fav one. Too cuteeeeeee !!!!!!!

Ji emo yi xiao you mei you ~


My tired boy (L)

A little laugh


Ended the tip with our tired legs. WE WILL BE BACK~

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