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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014 First chapter

Attended Mikko's wedding on 28th Dec 2013 and im really bless to be one of her bridesmaid/sister. 

A blessing day for Mikko & Steve. May you 2 stay forever and happiness till the end (: 

Our beautiful bride, poor Mikko was so tired and excited till she hardly sleep. 


Having fun with the ladies with our tired face hahaha

Rushing to hotel with sleepless night. Still we have to cam.

Asked a solo pic for my boy he give me this gay pose tsk~

And yes you're not seeing things im wearing a long dress. It's my very first time wearing a dress (other then photoshoots) I also have shu nu side de hor (laugh*)

Ended the day with super tired body but still i enjoyed myself, first time being 'sister' and i know for the god hell it was so damn tired in a wedding. But seeing their happy faces and blessing moment i wanna get marry too !!! Heheheh ~


Starting for 2014 i been eating a little too much. Gained a few kg by now i guess. (sobbing T.T)

Eat and eat and eat


And more food

Ok time to reflect myself now. Goodnight xoxo

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