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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Quick touch

MWS'13 had ended since last month 28th.

Half a year down and at last we make it to the final and that's the end of MWS 2013. Congrats to winner and for all ladies you're beautiful I'm glad I join this year and meet you ladies !! Loving all the silly things and crappy joke. Thanks for being awesome friend of mine. After those ups and down, crazy and funny, angry and disappointment. We still made a good team right ?? Cheers !

Thankyou each and every single one of your for this 7 mth of support. Journey of MWS 2013 was great even though I dint get crown. I made new friends and learn new stuffs. It's like turning from a girl to a women. Dare to dream !

Bits and bits here and there. Have been working at sonar for the pass 2 mth. time flies.

Celebrated our 1y 8 mth on 29July. I felt like a small kid with him around haha.

Simple fashion shoot with Jason couple days ago. After losing touch with photoshoot for more than 2 mth im stuck.

Ootd for yst work. Dress for Far east plaza $10

Shall end this post with a sweet photo of me and my boy. Tata ~

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