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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lack of luck

Super bad day with food poisoning yesterday. Have been vomiting to the extend that docotor said i have to sent to hps due to lack of water in my body. So i just spend 1 full day sleeping at home. All of all sickness why food poisoning. Fml~

 Fashion shoot with Andy week or a mth ago.

And if you're wondering why some photos sky is black while other is grey it's because its taking during day time when its raining. Cool effect by the light right (:

LOL (life Of Liquors) test shoot with John and Christ last week.

By Chris.

Out with dear and his classmate on 11May. And also bump to some of dear's friends.

Pizza making with dear over the weekends. Was thinking doing some home cook food every weekend and now thinking back i will get fat every week. Omg~

Ootd on monday. Before got food poisoning --!

Hope will be fully recover by tonight or maybe tml, this feeling suck ! ):

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