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Sunday, 14 April 2013

FHM fan meet up

Evening readers, a short update for today's cc @ Mbs expo for Tokyo Auto Salon 2013(: Not a good day to say, had a really bad fall in the morning and half of my body (left side) is cover with blue blacks and swollen up. I have to force myself to stand in heels and smile, really hurt and my photos tune out suck (fml~)

But i really enjoy myself with the ladies although every other things suck. You girls were great and lovly (L)

Short interview of us and off we went down to play a mini game. We have to take photos with people using our own phone in 15 min and the most photos win. I feel so damn lost in the middle hahaha !

Candid shot by Edwin.

With Mel (:

With Edwin (:

I seem like faking the smile due to the pain but im glad its over now haha ! !5th will be the announce of top 10 so stay close to find out who got in alright (:

A peek of what's coming up, Le bride is hungry so she went 7/11 to buy chips ! xD

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