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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Back to life

A good new and a bad one to share.

Ok let's start with the bad one. I din't get into FHM top 10 ): oh well, was kinda disappointed but then it was great to know the ldaies and ye i do had a lot of fun and expose. All the best to op 10 and stay tune for their next meet up at Bugis !

Good new, my destop is back to life !! Ok maybe it's a good new to me not to my readers but hey ~ i'm able to update more post and reply all mail faster !

 More photos to share

 Im so into curl hair now haha.

With Aoshi studo shoot.

 Changed the way of my make up and im glad other said i look better now (make up)

 I love every single shot for this shoot !

 Fyi im not naked under btw. you wish haah~

Got myself some shopping stuffs days back. 2 shade, a phone cover, box of mask and a pretty bracelet (:

 Casting with Anqi 2 days back. The weather is really killing me omg.

 Meet up with anqi, Jasline and Jaws Yesterday for a ice cream feast. Been age since i last saw them and after this meet up i wonder when will we meet again.


Group photo, tataa~

Stay tune for more posts and also MSW update alright ! (L)

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