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Monday, 18 March 2013

Picture perfect

Back to blogger after not posting for a while, im so sorry. There's like so many things i wanna share with you guys but my stupid computer just spoild. Well~ it's a 5 years com so im not blaming it for stop working but now where can i get a cheap and good new destop or lappy ?

Back to photo shoots after a 1 month break, really i still prefer photo shoots than event jobs HAHA ! wITH

Had a 2 hr fashion shoot at mbs on 16th , First time meeting this too beautiful babes.Cecilia and Alva. 

A sneek preview.

Bikini shoot on the very following day. With  Justina, Cecilia , Alva. before Sophina came later.

Lovely ladies in da house !

With Alva, she's damn pretty cannnn~ (jealous much)

With Nana~ the sweet looking one (:

And Cecilia, the fun one and cute one (:

Some of the photos i had and check out more on my facebook !

Group photo ! Biniki party sucess !

See you soon and stay tune for more photos (:

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