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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Flower glow

Attened Amos birthday chalet on 7th and had a great catch up with some of my friends.

With huiluan

With jojo.

Do we look like S.H.E ? hahaha !

Had a last min night shoot with john, chris and 2 other john's friends. Was simple yet i love almost every shot. When to Dhoby Ghuat and Mbs, Great place for shoot and relax as well.

Love this picture due to the path of flower, dreamy, romace, girly and simple.

 Candie shot, i look damn blur and sleepy eyes but daddy say this is when he want (the feel) No idea what he talking also haha

Jumbing shot, Super in love with this and it remind me of a song 'beautiful in white' Am i Am i ?!

I wanna dance, even the world say no. love everything is this photo except my hand being chop off :x Glad that i still can do this pose after stop dancing for like 6 years ~? or more~

Photos by- John Seah.

If you love all my photos in this post do check out my facebook for more ! Stay turn as more shoots are coming up. Shall pen down for now and i still see you all on next post ! xoxo`~

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