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Sunday, 6 January 2013


Even after 15 hour of sleep i still sleep tired. Whats wrong with me man ! Ended my 3 shoot this week and 4 more up to come. Tattoo season is on 10th. Busy week and month. had my bikini shoot yesterday and yes i'm more tan. How i hate bikini shoot ): I hate tans ! But i sure had a lot of fun.

Lunch with my boy at Ion. Was kinda disappointed with the hot pot, self teriyakki is so much nicer so we have it on the second day.

Had ice cream after dinner, got boyf fav after eight. Mint with chocolater mmmm~ yummy !

Cat face wool pull over for 22 buck at Scape flee market. Super in love with the colour. I love pull over, warm and coszy (L)

Shopping trip with my boy later at town and bugis. At last i have enough money to get things i want without parent help. CNY is coming on next month, foods and red packet. $.$

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