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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Kiss the brightness

 Have been wanting to buy a lot of things weeks back but when i have the cash nothing caught my eyes. Now i'm broke and everything suddenly turn so damn nice making me wanting to buy them all home. Is it just me or many people having the same problem as well ?

 Got myself 2 dresses last week was feeling real please till i try them at home. 1 too short 1 too long. God~ you must be fucking joking with me right ? Planning to sell them away, anyone willing to buy from me ??? If yes i will post the pictures out. Talking about selling clothes i think it's time for me to pack some unwanted clothes. Boyfriend have been scolding me for getting tons for clothes but not wearing them. sign~

 First meet up at john's hse with jean2 days back. First lady that is taller than me at john's hse also haha !

 Steamboat with Mel and john after Jean's shoot. Craving for it since the day i woke up. Who don't love steamboat !? if they don't you can't love them as well. Hmmm~

Shall enjoy myself this weekend, beach party Saturday and Bikini group shoot this Sunday. Tans ~ more thans ~~~ Omg T.T

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