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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Vassthy; When you love someone, you can't get them out of your mind ♥

Omg~ i want fair skin, bigger eyes, pointy cheek and slimmer legs! Really hate my high cheek bones made my face so round and my long hips that made me can't wear high waist pants and skirt. (i tried, it look so funny-.-!) Ps about my long complain after so long haven't been updating my dead blog for numbers of days and god i see spider webs around le haha!
Its raining outside and tonight shall be a good night to sleep till shiok ! :D

Went to Ikae with Teresa and Jasmine, was wondering why we when there in the first place(!) Bough donuts, so Yummy~ (:

Meet up with boyfriend for the pass 2 days, I miss him so much cannnnn~ Cant wait for Friday! Heading down town for dinner and movie with my love♥ Watching MIB 3 ! (smiling non stop :)

It have been 3 years passed, i hope you're doing fine up there.
You never come to my dream, just once can you?
I had tons or things to tell you, so many things happened this few years.
Look over us will you? your family & friends. R.i.p~ 23May2009

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