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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Vass'thy: Can we get a little closer ? So I could listen to your heart beats.

Back to blogging ! Completed my 3 dates of work at Expo on 11-13 May (: Stand more than 10 plus hr per day leg tired like mad and shoulder sour like crap but over all i did enjoy my work and some more i get to know new friends ! You have to enjoy your work so you like it right ? I mean if you dont you will be like moodless not happy and tired.Sos its really important to choose a job that you like ;D

@ work with kim, its rare to find girls that are nearly same height as me and the age is close too ! (crap my face look so round next to her T.T)

Lego land @ malaysia, im so going there man ! but it built finish at Sept! So maybe my bday mth can go . heheh~ So tempting can !


Kim :D

Done with the pic and im back to typing, DONT STOP! continue reading will you ? (: Anyway i really do enjoy working with my friends and some how i got ask stupid yet funny questions by costumer during work. (note~* im working under 5stars tour)

Costumer: hi, do you have 6 starts ? i dont want 5 stars leh.
Me: huh? no sorry (smiling~)
walk away, less than 5min came back.
Costumer: Got sell 6 starts chicken rice ??
His friends: He want 6 stars i want 7 stars!
Me: stun~* hhaha.. no-.-!

ok, so whats with the chicken rice?? we are having travel fair leh !!?? But they are friendly (: Only sad things this those china ppl keep ask us work work work yet they all can keep eat eat eat.damn it can ! argh~ Ok shall stop here. Im hungry ! going cut mango to eat now, be Jelly ^^. Meeting my boy later ! I MISS HIM :D

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