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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hello baby, it's 29th once again and Happy half year monthsary !! ♥♥♥ Although it's a late post but hey dear !Thanks for your this half year of cares and love bringing me tons and tons of happiness and laughing. In your hands of care and keep feeding me, my cheek is getter more and more chubby !! Omg~ you better bring me go slimming if I fat I tell you ! Haha~

I wanna be your one and only special girl in your life can I ? I don't mind to spent my forever with you uh ops~ (shy*) Haha! And my dear, I love your stupid laughs and crappy jokes, loving that everytime I woke up or before sleep I will receive sweet and long text from you. Loving you for loving me and making my every single days smiling at my phone like a fool :b

I wanna wait it that day I can say happy anniversary to you ! To prove those who don't believe our relationship can last long de people that we really can last long (: An unexpected relationship last longer than long plans one . You are the one I wanna lay my happiness to and every morning waking up to see you beside me. You're my everyone dearest. I love you baby and no words can describe that my love ♥ Muack Muack ! Huggies~*

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