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Thursday, 5 January 2012

xiaovass: When I am with you, I wish I could stop time so I could spend forever with you ♥

Hello people ! im back to blogging :D This is my first post in 2012, so yea... if its bored then... Ps uhh :/ Anyway~ im have goen back to Btss study since the date of 4 and today is my sec day of school ! Shock eh? Im in 4A2 ! laugh~ I feel kinda odd in classes plus i dont really talk much with classmates. Lucky Celina is back to school with me and We are in same class ! ^^v Have been doing homework for this 2 days. See ! Im guai right? hahah... Shall contiune work hard and aimt for 'O' lever then poly ! No time for being a small kids le, Time be growth up and be a good girl :D

Yst when to celina 'hse for a stay over and before bed time we did our math ! Really bless to have a math lover beside me. Haha~ Woke up at 5am with her and had our breakfast ! Bathe and off to school. Did, math, english & F&n work in school. After school when over to Ken's hse with celina, had lunch and continue our math homework. When back school for wushu training ! Haven't be doing sport and wushu for a yr ! Sweat all over and ot white shirt turn black ! hahaha~ Was so fun ^^ But now my leg feels like JELLY :o laugh~! Ok im done and i shall watch some show before sleep to relax . Tata~ :D

Today Pe had height and weight. Im 169cm tall and 48Kg ! What's yours? (:

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