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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hello guys ! im here for a short update (: going off soon to meet me dear celina to get our study books. And trust me guys. i had never been so hard working since pri 6 !! We even can ton night to finish our words and do extra of it. God ! sth is really wrong of me :x laugh~

Anyway, see the 2 pictures at the top ? (pointing up ^) I miss my golden and red hair !!! Now im black hair and people cant stop saying i look like a xiao mei mei. faint~*) God bless that this year faster end os i could re dye my hair again . ! (pls hurry!!)

And kabooo! Ysy when to cut my hair. and ofcos ! i only cut my frine :x laugh! This is the before cuting

And this is the after cutting ! can see the different?? Well, not much la. ops! hahaah

4 pitures in the row is what Wenkai got for my bday and x'mas present, well its like late very long :P hahah! Anyway i LOVE all of it ! Its Hello kitty and Rillakumma stuffs !(heart melt~*) Ok ! im done with my boliao post. Off to get ready le. BYES ! :D

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