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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review on J7 Image

If you're looking for friendly and professional and most importantly worth the price for everything for your hair. Continue reading.

 Here's a short update on J7 Image Salon review for my new hair colour. 

Started off with dull red hair, as you can see my pink dye wear off quite badly since 2 months back but i hardly find any salon that have powder based dye so when i know they have i was jumping around and shouting ok ! i'm so going. (My pink powder based lasted me up to 4-5 mths*)

This time is purpleeee~ Purple is a mixed colour from red and blue so if you have bleached there's a high chances you will get up to 3 colours and i was wayyyy to lucky to get mine. Scroll down***

Tattaaaaah ~~~~ ok maybe not on a black shirt. Look carefully and you will find up to 4 colours.

Finally picture. I have neon pink on my right, wine red on the left, maroon on the center and 2 tone purple on the bottom. Madness or what ?! I'm a midnight pony !

Special thanks to Cheryl Kwek for my awesome hair. Like her page @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheryl-Kwek-Page/624031444293377

 Do call and book appointment before head down
Number: 8333 5631

Quote Vass'thy for up to 10% off !

Details on 7J Image-

Phone6735 5195

They are close on the 7th each month. 

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