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Thursday, 19 June 2014


A  little throw back before my boy enlisted. 1 more week to go before he have his first book out. I bet he's going eat all kind of junk food. hahahaha !

Plan to go Sentosa before he enlist but sadly it rain and spoilt our whole plan ): Still get to go vivo and have my fav chicken rice, ok la~ still not bad.

Dint get to take a full set photos cause boyf was so hungry that he could't wait for everything to be serve.

Starbuck date with him early in the morning cause both of us cant get to sleep.

After editing his pictures he start to play with my cam. Photographers~ tsk~

And well of cos time to shave those hair away !

He look like a monk HAHAHAH !!!

Ice Edge Cafe 

Salad is a little overly sweet 2.5/5 , tomyam seafood spaghetti is still ok 3.5/5

No idea what's this, boyf order and say it's a little blend but still not bad.

Forgotten what's this called, prawn sth sth ~ over creamy and they forgotten our order on this so we waited 30min 2/5

I believed this cafe is better in their ice cream and desserts compare to main food. Din't get to try cause we are really full and yes a little disappointed as well. Still~ will make time for their desserts and review on it (:

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