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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Inked Pastelx

Bigger Brighter eyes ?




I'm never a spect person so to me lens are really important. Having a good pair of lens attract people to your eyes. And what's more Inked Pastelx is having great prices !

 Normally LUXURY LENS and Brabie Len cost around 15^ bucks ? Cheapest i seen so far will be $11 ? Inked Pastelx are selling 

LUXURY LENS - $8.50/pair

SUPER BARBIE - $10/pair

*Purchase 2pairs & more $9

Batch 2 will be closing on 16th Dec. Hurry and grab your lens @  http://www.shopinkedpastelx.blogspot.sg/p/luxury-lens.html !

A little surprise, they do sell Apparels, Shoes, Bags and many others as well !  Have fun shopping !(wink*)

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