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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Chocolate treats

1st Nov my boy's birthday ! 
Happy 22th dear, old enough to adult le ah. hahaha~ 
Hope you have enjoy your day and present. I love you (hugs*)

Anyway before i forget. Happy 21th to Sky ! Anyone realizes Nov and Dec have the most birthday party going on ? 4 of my friends on the first week and more to count ! 

Cheese and chocolate bar @ MBS with dear on his special day. Dint go with empty stomach so we dint really ate a lot but we try each at least one hehe.

I LOVE every single one on this plate. The Strawberry lolippop, berry w white chocolate moose, dip chocolate strawberry.  OMG OMG ~~~ i'm drooling now.

It was pretty sad we dint try all the little snacks cause we are too full. And after so much chocolate down we kind of get sick to it.

With the lights from garden by the bay and the view from 57 floor was amazing.

Talking about garden by the bay i haven't go !! Ended our night with beautiful lights.

Made our way to kfc as early as 9am in the morning cause we plan to go zoo but we fall asleep after our yummy breakfast. Looks like its our 3rd time plan fail (pull hair*)

Changed to bugis instead of zoo. Got myself a few things, super over spend for start for Nov ): Shoot me nowwwwww~~~~~~~ (cried*)

Shall end this post with this cute cartoon of me (wink*)

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