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Sunday, 30 June 2013


Attended MSW clothes fitting today and had some great fun and catch up with my ladies (:

Im starting to lost interest in blogging. Come on people do leave a message down or comment on my post let me know what you think i should post.. Have a great weekend ahead and stay tune on July for tons for event from Miss Singapore World !

I know a lot of my shoot photos turn out to be in unwanted place and some even saying I'm selling my body for money. Look here people. I work with ptg I know for lingerie shoots and every photo Posted out is with water mark. Those people took the photos and crop away the watermark and some even photoshop theirs ! Making clean here I DON'T sell my body for money or either do I take nude shoots.I'm not angry or what but just making clear what I did and what I wouldn't. Fake profile are everywhere and do think before you speak or type anything nasty. Thankyou. (: 

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